Pink Kisses


I have mentioned this company before, when I was in the first stages of planning to launch my services with them. Well, now my services are live there!  Pink Kisses is a really cool company that helps women get through heartbreak.  You can buy options for inspirational text messages, emails, chocolates, flowers, life coaching, or wardrobe consults!

The thing I like most is that I never know what to do when a girlfriend is going through a break up.  I tend to do what I would want, which is nothing.  I am the kind of person who wants to be left alone when things are going bad.  Most people, however, are not like this.  I love the idea of buying her two weeks worth of text messages or flowers to cheer her up.

What do you think?  Would you send your girlfriend a package from them if she were going through a break up?  Would you buy it for yourself?



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4 responses to “Pink Kisses

  1. Ann

    Yes, I would definitely buy it for a close girlfriend! I want her to be happy and feel better and this shows that I care!

  2. I read quite a few books on proper etiquette for when a close friend is going through a loss, or stressful period. The number one thing they stress is that the (often empty) “If there’s anything I can do, just call me and I’ll be there” puts MORE stress on the situation, not less. A gift is an awesome way to pamper a friend without putting any stress on them. Or offering tangibles, ie: “Can I come over, help you with your dishes/laundry/cleaning/childcare/dog walking/etc?”

    But I think the above shows how much you actually care, without needing them to even decide to say yes or no. Awesome choice.

  3. This is wonderful–so happy that you are part of PK now and lending your expertise to more people!! Congrats!

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