25 & 26/30

Today I wore this: my AKA dress, Spanx tights, Bongo oxfords, Forever 21 sweater, J. Crew necklaces.

Yesterday I wore this, even though this picture wasn’t taken yesterday.  Yesterday I had an allergic reaction to something and my eyes were encircled with puffy, red skin.  Not pretty.

I am wearing a Gap blazer, Emerson Made skirt, Steve Madden boots, Forever 21 belt, and a Stella and Dot brooch.

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5 responses to “25 & 26/30

  1. I love the bottom look with the skirt, blazer and boots. Adorable!
    I hope you eye clears up soon!

  2. that skirt is amazing. when you wear it do you feel sooo pretty?? i hope so. BIG time:)

  3. I LOVE outfit 26! Especially because I have similar items to those in my 30 and I’ve never even considered wearing them like that. Great spin!

  4. Oh, so cute. I love the blazer, skirt & boots combo!

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