24:30: Equestrian

Yesterday was spent working from home in the morning, running a few errands, and work in the evening.  The most exciting part of my day was hitting up the Barney’s C0-op sale for a dress I have been stalking and the sweet potato quesadillas I made for dinner.  They were tasty!

Right now I am watching Glee and am SUPER impressed with the Warblers.  Thank goodness for DVR, because I rewound their sectionals song.  Do  you watch Glee?

Anyway, this is what I wore yesterday.  It is a little bit equestrian-like, no?

I am wearing a Gap blazer, J Brand jeans, Anthropologie top, Steve Madden boots, a thrifted belt, and a flower pin I made from a hair clip.



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11 responses to “24:30: Equestrian

  1. I always love the Equestrian look : )

  2. I love this look. It’s classic and always look chic.
    I watch Glee too!!! The Valerie performance was my favorite. It looked like they were having fun.

  3. Mamavalveeta03

    I love that blazer! Everytime I see you in it, I think to myself, “I’ve got to get that!” And then I remember that I have a tweed blazer in a lightish green Harris Tweed from JCrew…so I don’t really NEED it. And that’s kind of the purpose of this 30/30 thing, right? Dang….(and I LOVE Glee…my daughter and I watch it together and sing. Just a couple of Gleeks!)

  4. Kelly

    I LOVE GLEE, and I love your blog. Emma Pillsbury is my style icon. She’s awesome, huh?

    I am also fascinated by your job. It sounds awesome to help people build a wardrobe. I’d love to know how you came about being a wardrobe consultant.

  5. obsessed with glee.

    which boots do you have? i just ordered the intyce ones.

  6. Sweet potato quesadillas sound delish! You pull off the equestrian look really well and the whole outfit has a twinge of British sensibilities with the mix of textures and the neutral colors. Btw, Glee is awesome! =)

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