20/30: Hippie Dippy

I felt a bit hippie-ish in this dress and my bed-head hair.  And, I picked my 29th item. Maybe by the end of this I will have 30 items total?  I wasn’t going to even pick anything else and just work with what I had already picked, but it was going to be hot yesterday and I didn’t want to sweat all day, so I picked another dress.

Does anyone else find it hard to take pictures every day?  Kendi, I am impressed that you manage to do this.  I have worn 3-4 outfits from my 30/30, but did not take pictures.  Does that mean they count?  Probably not.

Here is what I wore for running errands and work yesterday.  What I like about this dress is it can be worn loose or more fitted.  Yesterday, despite my three day binge on Thanksgiving food, I opted for a more fitted look.

I am wearing a Forever 21 dress and necklace, Steve Madden boots, and Gap socks.



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8 responses to “20/30: Hippie Dippy

  1. The weather is so crazy right now! Today it’s COLD. This dress is way cute, though, and the boots anchor it for fall.

  2. Lovely dress..it’s so flattering and perfect colors for fall/winter/whatever ridiculously cold season we’re in.

  3. I just found your blog via kendi everyday, and wanted to say you have such a cute, classy style! We are starting our 30 for 30 in january, hope I can rock outfits like you!


  4. You know, I was looking at your dress thinking it looked so familiar and then it hit me. That’s the dress that I stupidly did not buy at F21 because I thought I had too many clothes or something ridiculous like that! I’m a fool. You are wise. And it looks beautiful on you!

  5. What a great dress– especially awesome that you can customize it!

  6. I love this! What a great dress.

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