16/30: Help!

This morning and went and got my hair did.  I am bored with my hair, but not sure what I want to do with it, so I just went a little darker and am going to continue working on growing it out.  That is  not what I need help with, but will gladly take suggestions!

I need help with my current problem: acne.  The kind of acne that is giant and under the skin.  For some reason, I have been breaking out like no other recently.  I am making a trip back to the dermatologist for answers, but I thought I would see if anyone out there has recommendations for me.  My old prescription acne cream was great, but it is 400 dollars.  I think I am going to get it refilled anyways, because, well, it is my face and I have bought dresses before that were 400 dollars.  BUT, if you have a fabulous cure for acne, or something you have done that has worked great for you, please share!  I am open to suggestions!

Currently, I use a Clairsonic brush, Neutrogena acne wash, masques 2 times a week, and acne on-the-spot cream.  Anything you would add or subtract?

Oh, and here is what I wore today. Oh, and it is 82 degrees here.

I am wearing a Target dress, an Old Navy cardigan, Tahari flats, a Forever 21 belt, and a J. Crew necklace.



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19 responses to “16/30: Help!

  1. mamavalveeta03

    Oh Sydney! I can feel for you because I’m going through hormonal acne associated with menopause right now. The last thing I ever expected was acne at age 50!! Grr… I have found that Philosophy’s “On a Clear Day” system faithfully for about 6 months now and my skin has never looked better. I have to stay on the regimen, tho. Just remember, don’t pick! And you are absolutely beautiful and I’m sure you’re being much harder on yourself than you should be. I always notice your smile and your eyes!!!

    • Ugh. I think mine is hormonal, too. I recently (5 months ago) switched from a birth control to a hormone free iud. I use some other Philosophy products, so maybe I will try the acne line. Thanks, Val!

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  2. From what I can see, I like the darker color. I’m thinking about not getting highlights for a while, and it’s looking a little ombre lately. Hmm, sounds like maybe you are using too much stuff. Could be stressing your skin and causing to react? Hang in there!

  3. Sonja

    I feel for you. I’m 38 and I feel like I’m continuously fighting acne and wrinkles simultaneously. Ugh! I use ProActiv face wash, Neutrogena Stress Control toner, and the ProActiv cream treatment three nights a week. For day I don’t use a “moisturizer” per se, but I use Aveeno Positively Ageless sun block. (I like it because it doesn’t make me break out and it doesn’t turn my face white). Also, I love your new color – looks good. And why does it seem to take forever for hair to grow out?!

  4. Hi, I just started following LittleTinSoldier and found you through her. I have always suffered from acne, when I was in jr.high I took accutane and it went away for years, but came back in college. I was told it was hormonal as well and the best thing for me was using the birth control(tri-sprintec) I lost weight, boobs got bigger 🙂 and my face totally cleared up. I have also been told sometimes overdoing it can make it worse, and that sometime all your face needs is a little TLC, and moisture. I’ve used Pro-Activ off and on and that seems to keep it under control(now that I’m not on birth control anymore) If neither of those work, it’s worth it to try a gentle cleanser like Cetaphil, in combination with St. Ives Apricot Scrub, and an oil-free moisturizer. I hope some of this helps, I am completely there with you, acne stinks! Good Luck! And how can I become a follower of your blog from tumblr!?

    • Thanks so much for your input and help! Birth control TOTALLY helped my face, but I had other issues and am now using a non-hormonal form of birth control. I am hoping that my face is just reacting to that. Here is to hoping, right!

      I am too internet-dumb to help you follow through Tumblr. I use Google Reader and can help you there. I probably need to add something to my blog to help with this….hmmmm. I will look into it for you!

  5. mp

    Accutane. It’s hard core, but it’s a permanent fix. No more creams or expensive prescriptions. My acne was never bad enough for it as a teen, but I started breaking out with painful deep under the skin acne around the time I turned 25. Accutane isn’t very good for your body, and it’s 6 + months of REALLY dry skin and lips, but honestly, it worked like a charm. Now, at 29, my skin is totally clear.

  6. If you come up with a cure for the acne, let me know. I’ve always had light > moderate acne, but it’s been 10x worse since I gave birth to my daughter 4.5 months ago. Obviously, it’s probably hormones. I prefer natural and organic products, especially since I’m nursing, so I’ve been using the Alba ACNEdote line. I have seen some improvements, though I now have acne scars on my face, and I still have the dreaded bacne!
    But enough of that talk – I just found your blog and I think you’re super cute, and I love your style!

  7. amy

    Proactiv! It totally works and I don’t know what I would do without it.

  8. I used to have terrible trouble with under-the-skin breakouts, too. I think I was actually using too many products, and aggravating my skin. I was spending a fortune on skincare and makeup, and it just kept getting worse and worse. I pared my routine way back and started using really gentle products, all available at my local drugstore. I also switched to organic makeup (like Korres and Tarte) and switched from traditional foundations to lightweight, oil free tinted moisturizers. It took a little bit for my skin to clear up, but it’s honestly never been clearer. I think when it comes to skincare, less is definitely more.

    Here’s a post I did recently about my latest skincare regimen: http://www.aprettypennyblog.com/2010/11/beauty-on-budget-my-drugstore-skin-care.html

  9. I have been having the same problem with acne. It sounds terrible but it makes me feel good that I’m not alone. I have been using the AcneFree system (Walmart and drugstores) for months now and it seems to be working really well. If I need a little extra moisture, I use Cetaphil cream. I use St. Ives scrub 1-2 times a week and an AcneFree Sulfur Scrub once a week. I also switched to mineral makeup which seems not only help clear up the acne but also cover it – both existing blemishes and scars.

    I hope this helps. I’d love to hear what you figure out!

  10. i’m so glad you asked this, i am having the same problem now, and I think it’s because of my new birth control (implanon). i’ve been thinking about trying proactiv, but the idea of the philosophy line sounds good to me. don’t do accutane! i’ve heard so many horrible stories about people getting terrible depression from it 😦

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