13&13.5/30: Traveling

Yesterday after work, my husband and I traveled to Houston for a friend’s 30th birthday.  I needed a comfortable, easy outfit for the ride, and this is what I came up with.  Oh, and I am only counting it as a half-look since it wasn’t that exciting.

I think it could easily become a more pulled together look with a cardigan and belt, but again, I was going to spend the entire time in the car.  Mostly asleep.  Car rides always knock me out.  I can be wide awake, and after 20 minutes in the car, I am passed out.  I am not really a  good road trip buddy.

I am wearing a Gap tunic, Elizabeth and James leggings, and Tahari shoes.

When we got to Houston, we both changed and headed out to the party.  It was a casual house party, so I wanted something pulled together, but casual enough for a house party.

I wore a DVF tunic, J Brand skinny jeans, and  Steve Madden boots.

Oh and remember this necklace that I usually twist with other necklaces just like it?  Well, I turned it into a headband.  My husband called me a princess.



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7 responses to “13&13.5/30: Traveling

  1. I just frightened my cat by squealing when I saw that awesome headband/necklace. It took me by surprise! Way to remix it, lady!!

  2. Mamavalveeta03

    I love the GAP tunic! And the pairing of navy with what appears to be black. A very good combo, in my humble opinion. Oh, and I think we both suffer from “go on a ride and fall asleep” disease! I’m the same way. My husband says I always miss the prettiest parts of the ride!

  3. Thats blush tone shirt looks great on you. Suits you very well. Good going Sydney!

  4. love your party outfit – and what a great idea for the headband. cute.

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