10/30: Stripes, Again

Today  during my yoga session my instructor asked me to choose something to focus on and I picked patience.  I worked on being patient in each of my poses and be present in the moment.  Turns out I needed it today!  My patience was tried today, and I really tried to tap into what my instructor said this morning.

I was supposed to meet with a client today, but she did not show or return my emails.  Sometimes you don’t know what is going on with people, so I am tapping into my patience and trying not to be disappointed or frustrated.  Hopefully, everything is OK with her.

Anyways, today I wore stripes, again.  I am really into stripes right now.  I also wore a very similar version of this outfit on Sunday when I went over to my friend’s Sharon house for a wardrobe consult.  She has really great pieces in her closet, and even though she doesn’t have a style blog, I think she should start posting some pictures of what she wears.  Do it, Sharon!

I am wearing Gap cords and t-shirt, Nine West flats, and a Forever 21 necklace.




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3 responses to “10/30: Stripes, Again

  1. love this outfit! the top and cords go so well together…i need me some cords.

  2. You look so great! That top is gorgeous.

  3. Patience is a great intention to set. Whenever I’m at yoga, my intention is set to “get through this class in one piece!” :o)

    Love your outfit and thank you so much for the wardrobe consult–I needed a true professional’s eye to help me rediscover my closet!

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