5/30: Stripes

I had a shopping excursion with a client today and we hit the jackpot!  It seemed like every pant she tried on worked beautifully for her.  As you know, finding pants that fit really well is hard, but finding 4 is even harder.  But, we did it!

Today was dreary, and still fairly warm.  A cold front is supposed to be coming in tonight, and I am excited!

Last night I wore another outfit to my book club, but I didn’t take a picture.  I did stick to the 30/30 challenge, though.  I will probably end up wearing the outfit again sometime during the next month.

I am wearing a Gap sweater, J Brand skinny jeans, Payless shoes, and a necklace from Neiman Marcus.



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10 responses to “5/30: Stripes

  1. I have that same top! Love the way you accessorized!

  2. i cant believe those are payless shoes, they look fabulous! as does the whole outfit, i love me some horizontal stripes. also your job sounds amazing.

  3. Mamavalveeta03

    That necklace is gorgeous!! You always have the BEST jewelry!

  4. Simple and Effective outfit! Love the necklace against the stripes!

  5. I flailed a little bit when I saw your necklace, it’s that beautiful.

  6. ANA


  7. What a great necklace! I love the hidden little accents of bling!

  8. those shoes are so cute! remind me of kendi’s a bit! red is my fave color so anything red get my vote. very cute :0)

  9. I want to raid your necklace stash!! WOW!! you have some amazing pieces. Makes me wanna “step my necklace game up”


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