4/30: Fashion Failures

Confession:  I am a fashion failure most mornings.  Hi, my name is Sydney and I wear ratty,old clothes to work out in.  I always see those women who are so pulled together at the gym and am envious.  I am a fashion failure when it comes to working out.  If you see me working out, you will catch me in my husband’s old t-shirts, yoga pants past their prime, and a baseball cap.  Sometimes I wear Umbros from 1994 and a t-shirt that is too big for my husband (he is 6′ 5″).  A fashionista while working out, I am not.

Today I was rocking my usual workout gear at Rock Body Boot Camp and I met a reader. Who, by the way, looked FABULOUS in her workout gear.  Hi, Melinda!  It was SO nice to meet you!  Thanks for being my partner!  Sorry I had to run out of there 5 minutes early.

Anyways, I was a bit embarrassed by my clothes and made a mental note to upgrade my workout gear.  My husband has been suggesting I do this for years now.  Instead, I spend my clothing money on clothes I don’t sweat in.  So, here’s the question:  Do you look pulled together when you work out?

Today, I am off to meet a friend for lunch, attend some meetings, meet a client for a shopping excursion, and I have an event tonight.  Busy day!

I am wearing an Anthropologie top, Forever 21 skirt, Rachel Leigh necklace, and Nine West flats.




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12 responses to “4/30: Fashion Failures

  1. i find that if i look “cute” when working out i’m more motivated to go do it. tight-fitting also makes me work harder.

    course motivation doesn’t seem to be a problem for you since you’re actually GOING to the gym…which is much more than i do.

  2. Mamavalveeta03

    I never really care all that much about what anyone else is wearing at workout classes, so I don’t really worry about what I’m wearing either (since I naturally assume everyone thinks like me…ha ha). But if I’m honest with myself, I do FEEL better in new workout clothes. Of course, I haven’t been to the gym in ages. I’m thinking you’re on the right track by just BEING there!

  3. Although my workout gear is far from being fashionable, I feel better when I’m in fitted bottoms and tops. When I would wear loose, baggy things they always seemed to get in the way, plus I couldn’t see my form when doing strength training moves. While I wouldn’t want to waste a lot of money on expensive workout gear, I find that places like Target have cute stuff that is fairly cheap. Oh, and Gap Body has great sales on workout tops.

  4. Say all you want about your workout gear, but you look fabulous in this outfit! Especially your necklace–it’s gorgeous!
    And I’m totally with you on the gym clothes thing…I usually show up in my old high school spirit T’s while all the other girls around me are wearing cute yoga tops.

  5. great outfit, so simple and gorgeous.

    as for working out… i tend to wear an old t-shirt (mens white undershirt), but i do have some cute shorts and capri-length bottoms. i guess i try to accentuate the good parts of my body, while deccentuating (so not a word) the parts i dont like?


    Hi Sydney! You are too funny! You always look FABULOUS even in the ratty tatty work out clotes! 😉 I am loving the 26/30 combos!

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