3/30: Simple is as Simple Does

I panicked today while getting dressed.  Panicked.  I have several fun outfits planned for the 30/3o remix and I still have 3 items left to pick, but for some reason, I couldn’t find anything to wear.  Nothing.  It had a lot to do with the predicted 82 degree day.  I was so worried about being hot that I couldn’t pick anything.  I was also working with kids today which greatly affected my choice.  When I am working with children, I always make sure my outfit is modest and covers everything.

I also really wanted to wear my EmersonMade skirt, but I am not sure I am keeping it.  Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE it, but I think it might be a tad too snug.  Anyways, this is what I ended up wearing.  I normally wouldn’t post an outfit this simple, but alas, Kendi is making me do it.

I am wearing Gap jeans, a Forever 21 sweater, Bongo oxfords, and a J. Crew necklace.


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6 responses to “3/30: Simple is as Simple Does

  1. 82 degree weather?! That’s crazy! But those jeans looks great on you!

  2. I like this outfit. Sure it’s simple but great in its simplicity. It really reminds me of Stella McCartney for some reason. Good luck on the 30 for 30! =)

  3. Ugh. 80 degrees?! I do not miss that about Austin at all! Looking good on day 3!

  4. Me likey! I have basically the same outfit in my rotation. Maybe Amy will let me borrow that great necklace when I wear it so we can be twinkies. 🙂

  5. turned out cute though! i’m having warmer-than-usual weather where i live, which is throwing my outfit picking off a bit too.

  6. Must.Have.This.Necklace!!! She’s a beauty! Also, I love the color and fit of your GAP jeans


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