Like: Outfits Don’t Like: Pictures

I really liked both of my outfits yesterday, but I did not like how the pictures turned out.  Boo.  I wore the first outfit for running errands and meeting Grechen for lunch.  The second outfit I wore at an event I held at Stella Says Go, a local shoe store.  Stella Says Go offered my clients 10 percent off, cocktails, and snacks.  I had a lot of fun at this event and hope to continue to do them in the future.

For running errands I wore a Forever 21 top and trench, Gap corduroys,  Bongo oxfords, and a J. Crew necklace.

For my event, I wore a Forever 21 top that I was pretending was a vintage find, J Brand jeans, earrings from Touch of Sass,  and Payless shoes.  It is time for these shoes to be retired.  I am looking for a good replacement.  Know of any?



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9 responses to “Like: Outfits Don’t Like: Pictures

  1. Mamavalveeta03

    Sydney, come on! It’s purely the lighting. That’s all. You always look great. REALLY!!!

    • basic cravings

      Thanks, Val. I was frustrated looking through pictures and not liking them. Want to move to Austin and help me take pictures?

  2. I had that kind of picture day too, but decided to post them anyway. This look great, it’s just the lighting is a bit dark.

    I love your trench coat!!! I really like coats and jackets with elbow-length sleeves despite how impractical they can be.

  3. Don’t lose heart over your pictures, friend! I think it’s encouraging to visit fashion blogs where the images look real, not like a magazine. Also, do you use farmhouse delivery? Do they publish their delivery contents online? I’m always curious what the other CSAs are up to!

  4. Liz

    Cute outfits and the photos aren’t bad at all! The second one is just a little shady.

  5. I don’t know what these wedges are called – but they’re jessica simpson and super comfortable.
    I also found them at a TJMaxx and got a discount because of a small scuff, so they were only $29!
    I also have them in tan – and the tan ones are a less-fabricy material – I feel like the blue won’t last as long before they look old.

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