Closet Envy

I had closet envy today.  I met with a new client today, and her closet rocks.  It was full of goodies, and not just any goodies, designer goodies.  It made realize how much I want to pair down my closet and fill it with nicer pieces.  I have a couple of nice pieces, and while I don’t have the budget for all designer pieces, I would love to slowly add pieces over the years.  Even if I could afford it, I know I wouldn’t go all designer.  I like the look of mixing high with low, and vintage with new.  I think it is more interesting that way.  What do you think?

I am wearing a top and jacket from Anthropologie, J Brand Jeans, a Madewell bracelet, and Nine West oxfords.


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4 responses to “Closet Envy

  1. Mamavalveeta03

    I totally agree! While in theory, I would love to have an all-designer wardrobe, in reality it’s much more interesting to have a hi-lo mix. And, once again, reality dictates that I will probably have more of a mid-lo mix!!

  2. Personally…I think designer stuff can just all be about the hype. Some designers (I have a small handful) that I really really love, but I still don’t think their prices are worth what they’re selling. Honestly. We all know it doesn’t take $500 to make a pair of shoes.

    Anyways – I really love this outfit on you! Those jeans are so flattering.

  3. that jacket is lovely and yay for the sparkly bracelet! I’d love to have lots of designer pieces but would probably like to mix as well with lower end items…like my uggs… ;o)

  4. I always mix high and low. You’re right– if you buy a quality item, it will last for years. But it’s fun to be impulsive and buy a trendy piece, or something inexpensive and unique from Goodwill. I always feel like a treasure hunter!

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