Ideal Wardrobe

My closet and I made amends, or at least agreed to disagree for now.  I do help people find their style for a living, so one would think I could do it for myself.  But, when the weather is not cooperating, or you are feeling under the weather, it is hard.  I also get to a point every season when I am totally over the majority of my closet.  I am there.  My closet consists mainly of dresses.  Right now, unless a dress comes with tights or a chunky cardigan, I don’t want to wear it.  I know I wore a dress yesterday.  It was hot.  I was desperate.  I am also feeling a shift in my preference.  A year ago, all I ever wanted to wear were dresses, but now, I only want separates.  I wore this the other night, and it pretty much sums up what I want to be wearing right now: a simple ensemble, with a twist.

For the most part, I crave simple, easy pieces with a twist.  Currently, I am  loving slouchy trousers and sweaters.


Since this picture is grainy, because my camera is awful and it was dark, I am including other pictures of these items.  My pants are J. Crew:

Cupro Élan trouser

And here is a better shot of my shoes:

The sweater is target and the clutch has feathers on it and is from ASOS.



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2 responses to “Ideal Wardrobe

  1. S

    those shoes are amazing!

  2. Yes, those shoes certainly are!!
    I see you broke out the Cupros!!! 🙂 Since I know they are definitely comfy pants, I like how you wore it with a tee, but jazzed it up with the shoes and bag. I’m a bit afraid of pairing black and blue together, but it works in this outfit.

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