Dear Closet,

Dear Closet,

I feel like we need to talk.  Lately, we’ve been fighting.   Things just aren’t working out right now.  While I am not ready to break-up, I am in need of a change.  I know what I want you to be, and am not sure exactly why you aren’t all that I expect.  Also, OK, I know the weather might have something to do with my distaste in you recently.  When it is in the high 80s every day, it is hard to use your best stuff.  I know.  I hear you.  But still, something has got to give.  You have to give me more than this grey, shapeless dress.  Let’s do this together.  You will try to produce fabulous layering pieces, and I will only fill you with things I love.  I promise.



At least it was good for twirling.



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4 responses to “Dear Closet,

  1. Mamavalveeta03

    I guess it’s comforting to know that even someone like you, who organizes things/clothes for a living, can sometimes buy things “just because.” I have vowed to only buy things I love, and mostly because Grechen and you encourage me to do that! Thanks, Sydney!!!

  2. I really like that dress. And this weather does stink. It’s too hot to do fun things like belt the dress and wear it with leggings and booties.

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