Binge Shopping

I went on a shopping bender yesterday.  A huge one.  Today, I am having a bit of a shopping hangover, and am embarrassed to tell you exactly how much I did buy.  Thankfully, unlike my pizza binges, this one won’t leave my thighs larger.  And, thanks to major sales, my binge didn’t harm my wallet as much as it could.  But, my wallet will now have to sit out the rest of the month.  And maybe next month, too.

The item I am most excited about are these Cynthia Vincent boots. Thanks to Grechen, I scored big on this one!



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9 responses to “Binge Shopping

  1. Love the boots!!! I bought a pair of tan ankle boots yesterday and that’s pretty much my purchases for the weekend.
    Nothing wrong with a little bit of serious retail therapy if it doesn’t give your wallet to much of a hurting. There are times when you go to the mall and seem to find tons of things and others when you come up empty handed.

  2. those boots are fabulous! my binge is still continuing today. I need to be stopped!

  3. Mamavalveeta03

    There are so many cute things out there that I want, but just can’t justify right now. I am craving, and truly needing (Oh, really Val????) a pair of boots like the ones you got. They are SO great and I can picture wearing them with just about everything. So, on second thought, I just might justify those 🙂

  4. Me too! Did you hit the Gap and their 40% off sale? I did (plus Banana, Loft, Nordstrom, Anthro…) and my wallet is a little achy as well!

    Thanks for listing that code for Piperlime. I ordered 2 pairs of boots this morning (one will go back, I promise) and re-purchased them this afternoon with the 20% off code. Thanks!

  5. this is veeeeery cute!!! *-*
    Kisses from Brazil ❤

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