Mustard Obsessed

I have worn these shorts countless times over the summer.  Many more times than they have actually appeared here.  Mainly because I can’t seem to get it together to take a picture.  Yesterday, I wore this outfit while running errands and meeting a friend for lunch.

I am also currently having an affair with my flats.  Normally, my flats are ignored and my heels and wedges are the most loved, but right now, my heels are being shunned and my flats are getting all the attention.

I am wearing a J. Crew shirt, Gap shorts, Old Navy shoes, a Furla bag, and earrings from ?



Filed under Closet Cravings

3 responses to “Mustard Obsessed

  1. Mamavalveeta03

    So cute Sydney!!! It must be WAY warmer there than in MN. I love the O.N. flats–they look so much more expensive than I know they are. That just goes back to “check everywhere for bargains”! (your fireplace is really pretty with the candles in it!)

  2. Are those flats a recent purchase? They are adorable!

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