Client Cravings: Blazer

I received an email from a client yesterday.  She was looking for a blazer to go out in that was under 100 dollars.  Here is what I found for her:

Our first blazer is from Forever 21.  Obviously, it is not real leather, but for under 40 bucks, I think it makes a great choice.

The next one is from Forever 21, too.  I made sure to keep the colors to gray and black to give her the most versatility.

This one from Zara would be a great option.

This blazer’s detailed shoulders make it a different than your average blazer.

I love this tuxedo inspired blazer.

I also included a few above 100 dollars from Anthropologie.

I am not sure which one is my favorite, and my client hasn’t decided yet either.  Which is your favorite?



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7 responses to “Client Cravings: Blazer

  1. I like the anthro blazer because it looks like it is of better quality and the most versatile, though it’s out of her budget, and slightly boring. 🙂 Sometimes cheap blazers just look cheap, ya know? If she’s looking for something to be worn occasionally and she’s young and trendy then the zara blazer with the gathered sleeves would be my pick.

  2. Mamavalveeta03

    The first one from Anthro is the most expensive looking–more tailored, if you will. And then the one from Zara. Similar to Anthro, but a skimpier cut. All cute, tho.

  3. Amy

    The Zara blazer with the puffy sleeves is divine. Although I’m always nervous buying online. Do they have a storefront?

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