Ladies Who Lunch

Yesterday we headed to Moonshine for another Ladies Who Lunch.  It was delicious!  Afterwards, we headed over to Megan Summerville’s lingerie pop-up shop.  If I could, I would live in this place.  Gorgeous!

Her lingerie is gorgeous, too:

I think I need this buzzard and kinda creepy doll in my house.  I am not sure my husband would agree, but I love them.

When Grechen saw me yesterday she said, “You look so professional.”  Thankfully, they found a permanent teacher, so I am done with the professional dressing for a little while.

I am wearing a J.Crew skirt, a top from Target (several years old), Calvin Klein shoes, and a Rebecca Minkoff bag.


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2 responses to “Ladies Who Lunch

  1. I really like how you “professionally dress” Very cute! And that lingerie looks SO beautiful! I love the nude tones.

  2. Mamavalveeta03

    Professional, yes, but still cute! I love the pic you took of Grechen (can I rent out your services as a photographer? I suffer from chronic “deer in the headlights syndrome” whenever I get near a camera!)

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