Today I wore a pretty monochromatic look.  Usually, I would add a pop of color with my belt or necklace, but I was in a rush, and this is what came together.  I am also wearing my old teacher clothes most of this week.

For those of you that don’t know, I used to be an English teacher before I became a wardrobe consultant.  The English teacher who replaced me left my old school the second day of school, so I am up at my old school subbing until they can find a replacement.  I have to admit, being up there makes me miss teaching.  I know what I am doing now is best for me, but I still miss it.

I used to always feel like my teacher clothes were not really “me”.  There are some bloggers out there who are teachers and seem to wear what they want.  I used to work (and am working this week) at a pretty conservative school, so my wardrobe had to reflect that.  Now that I can wear whatever I want on most days, I miss some of my teaching clothes a bit.  It is fun to pull out some of them and give them life again.  Do you like your work clothes?  Or have you had a job change and you miss your old work clothes?

I am wearing a Banana Republic dress, Forever 21 necklace, a ring bought on Gilt (can’t remember the brand), and Chinese Laundry shoes.



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7 responses to “Monochromatic

  1. Mamavalveeta03

    You don’t look boring. You do look appropriate for the setting. Important for ALL of us to remember that! (speaking of which: Did you see Oprah yesterday and Carson Kressly’s “makeunders”?)
    Is the ring by alex and ani?

  2. We DO all need to remember to look appropriate in the work place. I give business presentations on this topic. You would be amazed at what people will wear to work!

    I did not see Oprah yesterday. Darn!

    I googled that brand…not sure. I wish I could remember!

  3. I pretty much get to choose to wear whatever I want. I don’t think they’d appreciate mini-skirts, my boobs popping out or sweat pants but pretty much anything besides that is game.

    Jeans and flip flops? Fine.

    Dress and stilettos? That’s okay too.

    Just has to be reasonably modest and not like OVER THE TOP casual.

  4. I’m a big believer in dressing the part. Sometimes I feel boring in my work clothes, but the work “me” can’t be too “out there.” I love the grey shoes, btw, just added them to my need list.

  5. haha, just put up all my work slacks to make room for all the skirts and shorts i’ve been getting. don’t miss them ONE BIT. =D

  6. This dress is so pretty!

    I work at a conservative office, so my work outfits and casual outfits can be very different. Sometimes I really get tired of not being able to wear exactly what I want to work, but I do think I would miss some of my work clothes if I switched careers or something.

  7. When I first began teaching I bought a long denim skirt and a cornflower blue crew-neck, elbow-length sweater because I thought I had to “look the part”. I eventually found a way to dress in a way that let me express myself while still being appropriate for the environment. No platforms and strapless dresses, but I still managed to impress the 2nd graders!
    At least I never wore the dreaded “Christmas sweater” that too many teachers wear! 🙂

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