I am in love with this CASHmere sweater by KAIN found on Shopbop.

KAIN Label Cashmere Oversized V Neck Sweater

It is just the slouchy black sweater I have been needing to add to my wardrobe.  Downfall?  Its price: 339 bucks.  I am lacking in the  cashmere department.  Do you own a cashmere sweater?  As life-long Texan, I have no real need for cahsmere.  How soft is it?  I KNOW it is not worth this price, but in general, what is chasmere worth to you?

This sweater would look great with these pants I have decided I need:

Silk Equestrian Khaki Pants

AND, wouldn’t this sweater look awesome with my sequin shorts:

Sequin Soft Short

Ok, so I am totally trying to justify this purchase.  It is TOO much for one sweater.  I will look for a look-a-like.



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9 responses to “CASHmere

  1. Cashmere can be nice but it’s too hot for me. I feel like it traps my body heat in a not so good way :o) Love those sequin shorts!

  2. great sweater and pants!

    i have a cashmere sweater but i bought it on black friday at the michael kors outlet for like 20 bucks or less. didn’t know it was cashmere till i read the tag more closely later and flipped out. good for the very very chilly days. (the 3 here in austin a year)

  3. Meghan

    Cashmere is super soft and luxurious but I agree with Sharon that it can be hot (I’m in Arizona). I have a cashmere sweater with elbow length sleeves, which is a much better option then long sleeves in a warmer climate. I think having at least one cashmere sweater is a good investment. I know it’s hard to wait, but after Christmas/New Years is the best time to buy them.

  4. I love cashmere sweaters, so soft and warm, but you can totally find one for a better price than that! Walk away from the sweater…

  5. So good to know that cashmere might be too hot for Texas…. I will look for a non-cashmere alternative.

    Meghan, thanks for the tip on when to buy them!

  6. mamavalveeta03

    I don’t know….there is nothing like REAL cashmere. (btw, have you gotten Grechen’s opinion on INHABIT cashmere???) I feel that there are certain “classics” every woman’s wardrobe should have…and a black cashmere sweater is one of them. But I totally agree with the others in that you can find a good one for way less! Good luck!!

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    • andrea

      Hmm…I’ve lived in Austin for 12 years now and own about 4 cashmere sweaters [amongst the lesser wools ;)]. Granted as with all other winter garments the length time to wear them here is limited but its not too hot to forgo all together. But I share the sentiment regarding price, you can find a better deal. I wouldn’t spend that much on a trendy piece.

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