AFW Night 2

Grechen and I hit up three parties yesterday.  Three!  First, we hit up Hem . If you are in need of jeans, Hem is the place to go.  AND if you bring in a pair of jeans to donate, you get 40 dollars off a new pair.  Did I mention that all donations go to Safe Place?  Designer jeans for less AND your donation goes to a good cause.

Megan Summerville’s party and this corset were waiting for us at Hem:

megan summerville lingerie

Picture taken from Grechen.

We then headed out to east of I-35 for two great parties.  First, we hit up Cory Ryan’s party at her studio.  My sister was so kind as to take my picture that night.

I am wearing a self-made necklace, a Target dress, a belt from the limited, and a ring from some boutique I went to in Vail, Colorado.  I hope to get a detail shot of this sometime.  She didn’t get my shoes, but I was wearing these by Cynthia Vincent.

We then headed to Dean Frederick’s party.  They were giving away diamonds.  Unfortunately, I did not win. BUT, I did get to sweat more and hang out with Indiana. This picture was stolen from Grechen, too.  Remember how I am a bad blogger?



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9 responses to “AFW Night 2

  1. i must have just left when you guys showed up! sad i missed you.

  2. Mamavalveeta03

    You all look so cute and fresh! And it’s so hot down there–how do you do it???

  3. looks like a fun time!

  4. I am in love with your blog! I absolutely love the looks you put together. I can’t wait to get more ideas from you come fall. I always have a hard time putting together cute looks in colder weather.

  5. Sydney! I have that grey dress and when I bought it I totally had you in mind! I loved the dress you wore to the blogger brunch a few months back and that dress looked like it, so I snagged it. Thanks for the inspiration! 🙂

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