Austin Fashion Week

I attended Austin Fashion Week’s kick off party on Saturday with Grechen.  For some reason, my camera won’t read my sister’s memory card. As soon as I can figure it out, I will be back with my outfit post.  So for now, here are some pictures from Keep Austin Stylish:

These girls were walking around all night.  Their make-up was quite impressive.

Louise Black from Project Runway!  I geeked out and got a picture with her.  FYI: I asked her about Tim Gunn and if he was as wonderful in person as he is on TV.  She said, “yes.”  Swoon.  I love Tim Gunn and want to have him over for dinner.

Have you heard the saying Keep Austin Weird?  Well, these folks made sure to live up to this saying.  They were a bus full of clown crashers.  That’s right.  Clown crashers.  They were creepy clowns too.  My sister was working another event across town, and she said they showed up there too!

I am looking forward to the other events coming up this week!


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