Out on the Boardwalk

I am currently fist pumping my way up and down the Jersey Shore.  Much to my disappointment, I have not run into Snooki yet.  I don’t know why I am so obsessed with this show, but I am.  Maybe it says something about my IQ?  The weather is gorgeous and the boardwalk is fabulous.  That is one thing that Jersey beaches have on Texas beaches.  Boardwalks.  They are awesome.  Have you ever been to a boardwalk?

I have yet to take any outfit pictures here because I am too busy eating water ices and frolicking on the beach. See:

I am also eating the most delicious pizza ever to exist.  I have eaten pizza every day since I have been here.  Don’t judge me.   Hopefully my bike riding is counter-acting the pizza.  We shall see.



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4 responses to “Out on the Boardwalk

  1. Mm Italian Ice is perfect for hot days at the beach! I haven’t been this summer at all but I hope to go sometime soon!

  2. fun! love boardwalks…have some of all of that for me!

    (p.s. just realized i’m going to miss you at lunch tomorrow AGAIN. gah!)

  3. mamavalveeta03

    You’re right about the pizza. No one makes it like the New Yorkers/New Jerseyans, so eat up! Besides, ice is only water, right???

  4. Thank you for you comment on my blog, it did work!
    Have a great time in Jersey!

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