I feel like a magpie right now.  Not only do I want sequin shorts, but now I want a sequin top.  AND my client that I worked with the other day had a sequin skirt, and I wanted that, too.  Here are some options to feed my addiction for all things shiny:

From Bluefly:

style #309213301 army sequin short sleeve tee

I really like this one, but I do not like its 200 dollar price tags.  Magpie’s steal their shiny things.  So in true Magpie fashion, I want to feel like I am getting a steal, too.

Um, hello.  I love you.

3.1 Phillip Lim Sequined Long Sleeve Relaxed Tee

Again, you are too expensive for me.

As Rachel Zoe would say, I DIE.

Sequin T-Shirt

You are WAY out of my price range.

Alas, my search continues, but I expect to be able to satisfy my craving for a shiny shirt soon.



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6 responses to “Craving

  1. SO. I was at the outlet mall and Express had a crazy sale going on and I found those black sequined shorts (immediately thought of you) for $10 but of COURSE they weren’t in our sizes. All they had were size 10. I did get a pair of gold silk shorts for $10 though. And I had blogged about my gold sequined skirt from Michael Kors outlet for $10. Now I just need to actually find a reason/way to wear them…

  2. amy

    If you’re a thrifting girl, I ran across several sequined tops at Savers last weekend. I thought they looked intriguing, but wasn’t feeling very sequiny at the time.

  3. Gold silk shorts sound delicious! I’m really craving something with beading on it.

  4. mamavalveeta03

    I decided I had to have me some sequins, too. So I checked out J Crew’s sale and found a not-too-blingy sequined tank top on sale for $34.99. Now I can have a nightlife….ha ha ha.

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