Owl Winner

Radom.org has decided that today is  Mamavalveeta03’s lucky day!!  Congrats!  Remember to take good care of him.  Lots of love, fresh air, and birdseed.

Thanks to all who entered.  Great turn out– 76 people!  Craziness.  Giveaways make me happy, so I will probably keep giving my jewelry away.  Stay tuned!


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2 responses to “Owl Winner

  1. mamavalveeta03

    Oh WOW! This is SO cute!!! I am thrilled to have won the owl necklace. It’s my lucky day!


  2. I never know how to respond to people’s comments so this is how I’m awkwardly doing it. I totally thought of you when I saw those pants! Maybe that’s creepy but they just seemed like something you’d rock well.

    Also congrats to the winner! The necklace is beeautifullsss!

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