Got my Hair Did

Update:  This was from yesterday:

Today I got my hair did.  Finally.  I told my hairstylist that she needed to make sure my hair would look good without blow drying it, because I am not going  to blow dry it until September.  Seriously.  I have dried my hair two times this summer, and one was yesterday.  I think, given the couple of comments yesterday regarding my hair, you all like when I do my hair.  Take note of my hair today, because I am afraid it will be back to its gnarliness after today.  It. Is. Too. Hot.  Drying my hair makes me feel like I am melting into the ground.  “I’m MELTING! I’m MELTING!  Oh, what a world!”  My skin is also looking a little green lately….

P.S. Thanks for commenting!!  I truly love hearing from ya’ll.

I had several things going on today: hair did, Ladies Who Lunch (I was late.  Had to get my hair did.) , meeting with client from yesterday, meeting with boutique owner.  And can I say something.  Ya’ll, I had the BEST day!  My meetings went really really well and I am pumped for the next couple of weeks.  As soon as things are official, I will let you all in on the secret!

Here I am pre-getting my hair did.

I am wearing a Pheobe Coture dress, Newport News shoes, and earrings from Touch of Sass.

Here I am after with all the Ladies Who Lunch:

BeckyParidhiEliaAnsleeDiya,  EsosaSydneyAmy,MichelleLauraRoseJoanna

This is from today: I totally stole this picture from Grechen, who is not in the picture, and is also AWESOME because she taught me how to use Twitter and make  newsletter!  Thanks again, Grechen!

I am headed to the Jersey Shore and have a few posts planned for when I am gone because I am not sure I will be able to blog.  I will be too busy fist pumping with Snooki!



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9 responses to “Got my Hair Did

  1. Your hair looks awesome all did up!!

    I get really lazy with my hair too… I hate doing it but I’m so picky about how my hair has to be when it’s up (I don’t like it flat. And my hair hates poofing! Plus my poof has to be exactly even and not too high.) it actually takes longer than “doing it down”. So I minimize effort by letting it dry on it’s own (If I scrunch it up with my fingers or twist it, it comes out sort of wavy-ish) and taking a curling iron to the pieces that didn’t wave for about 10 minutes. Or if I take the time to blow dry and straighten it I don’t wash it for 2-3 days and quickly re-straighten whatever sections I need to each morning. Dry shampoo helps if you get any oiliness after a day or two of not washing.

  2. Ah, I love going to the hair dresser! For some reason they can always make my hair feel silkier, smoother, and healthier once I leave.

  3. I don’t like to do my hair either and that’s why I have none. Okay, so that’s an exaggeration. Sue me.

    In other news: you joined twitter?!

  4. Dress is awesome. And can you just email me your tweets? k thanks :o)

  5. mamavalveeta03

    The hair looks terrific (tres chic!) but I know what you mean. I have had what I call the “naturally wavy” look going on a LOT this summer…until my daughter told me it looked a lot more like “naturally Psycho”!!!! I’ll be glad to have my blow-dryer and flat iron back (and apparently, so will my daughter!).

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