Tribal Prints

This dress has been sitting in my closet for a couple of months.  I am not quite sure why I haven’t worn it, but given my new attitude about my closet, it is either be worn, or be shipped out.  So, I wore it.  I still might ship it out, though.

We are in the triple digits here now and it is important to stay cool.  This dress helped me stay cool.  Kind of.  It is hard to stay cool when it is 100 plus.  The best way?  Get into the water.  Many of my summer days are filled with water activities.

Before I left the house, I did add a pair of tribal-ish earrings.  At first I thought it was too much and wanted to go sans jewelry, but in the end, I added earrings.

I am wearing a dress from Target, Mia shoes, my sister’s ring, and a belt from Forever 21.



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3 responses to “Tribal Prints

  1. ah! i just bought a dress at h&m that looks JUST like this. i wasn’t sure about it either but the bf convinced me. i’ll post it soon….need the right belt.

  2. i almost bought that dress recently!!! now you make me WANT IT more.

  3. mamavalveeta03

    Cute, oh so cute. But unfortunately, I’m boycotting Target for their support of an anti-gay gubernatorial candidate in MN.

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