Pete and Repeat

Remember the joke, “Pete and Repeat were in a boat. Pete fell off. Who was left?”  This is what I feel like.  Even though my 30/30 challenge is over and I am free to wear whatever I want, I find myself gravitating to the exact same items: shorts and a blouse/t-shirt haphazardly tucked in.  Seriously.  Evidence:

I felt very manish in this outfit, and in the end, not sure I really liked it.  I wondered if I should publish it, but this is a style blog, not a fashion blog, and sometimes I am not thrilled with my outfit.  Should these fashion fails be published?  What do you think?

I am wearing a silk shirt from Goodwill ( I own about 5 of these.  Obsessed.), Forever 21 shorts, Nine West oxfords, a Rebecca Minkoff bag, and Prada sunglasses.

I wore this out with my client, Pearl.  We went shopping and found KILLER deals!  Neimans was having a phenomenal sale, and she got some wonderful items. I will be back with some pictures of our finds!

I am also sporting these earrings that I picked up at Touch of Sass on my shopping excursion with Sharon and Grechen.

And this is what I wore to brunch on Sunday.

I am wearing Lulu shorts, a Forever 21 top, Old Navy shoes, a Forever 21 necklace, a Gucci bag, and Prada sunglasses.

Apparently my new challenge is centered around me wearing the same silhouette over and over.

Please tell me I am not the only one.  Are you hooked on certain clothing items?



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5 responses to “Pete and Repeat

  1. I think the should be published. This is a style blog and sometimes style can be hit or miss. But I personally really like the loose blouse and baggy shorts look!

  2. you look fab–I think you really know what silhouettes work for you. Is it the regular Neimans or Last Call having a good sale? I’m tempted…

  3. Sonja

    I think the outfits should be published for sure. You are not the only one who gravitates towards the same items and/or silhouettes that’s for sure. Same at this house. I say, keep ’em coming.

  4. Definitely publish the outfits!

    I definitely have days when I’m not thrilled about my outfit, but I post them anyway to keep it real. Best decision ever? Maybe not, but I do it anyway. 🙂

    Also, I totally gravitate towards the same items over and over for a while.

  5. ooo speaking of shoes YOUR shoes are super cute! I never find anything at O.N. other than basic tees.

    oh and are those the same lulu’s shorts I’ve got?

    RE your comment on my blog: they do rub a little the first 2-3 wears but definitely not as uncomfortable as my 2 pairs of aldos (gorgeous, painful). I find them harder to walk in gracefully as stilettos since wedges’ soles are…”stiffer”? don’t know if you know what I mean.

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