Summer Nights

How do you stay cool on hot summer nights?  It is hard to stay cool and still look pulled together, isn’t it?  Breezy summer dresses are usually my staple.  A simple silhouette is an easy way to stay cool, but lately I have been relying on shorts and skirts to keep me cool.  Here are two outfits I wore this weekend in hopes of warding off the summer heat.

Besides the necklace, which is from a local boutique, everything else is from Forever 21.  I am not sure how I feel about that.

I am wearing GAP shorts, an Old Navy tank and shoes, a Rachel Leigh necklace, and a Zara clutch.

How do you stay cool on hot summer nights?


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2 responses to “Summer Nights

  1. I definitely wear either a skirt or a dress. Nothing beats it for me!

  2. i wear the bf’s boxers and white tees.

    oh wait, not fashionable?

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