The 30/30 challenge made me realize that the items in my closet need to be versatile.  Really versatile.  So,  I have decided I am making a list for the items I want to purchase.  First up:  nude booties.  Nude ankle booties.

I do like these from Shopbop, but I am not sure they will be comfortable:

I would love it if these were in nude:

Or if these were in nude:

The next item I am searching for is a gray skirt.

I really like this one from Far fetch:

gray skirt-peter jensen silk tiefront skirt

I really like this one from Forever 21, but it is too short:

Maybe this one from J. Crew:

The perfect white T-shirt.  I am always on the lookout for this.

Sequin shorts.  I know.  They seem tacky, and not very versatile (way to contradict yourself!), but I really want some.  I imagine them paired with a white silk top or a chunky sweater and tights.  Because they are not a piece that I will wear a lot, I would go with these cheapies from Charlotte Russe:

Sequin Soft Short

So far, that is it for my list.  There will be more, but for now, these are the items I am looking for.  What are you currently looking for?


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6 responses to “Cravings

  1. love the booties and the sequined shorts!

  2. Jen

    Those sequin shorts are awesome! You even named two “versatile” options in your post. That’s usually enough for me 🙂

  3. eliafeliz

    I totally know what you mean about versatility. That is definitely the problem with my closet right now – too much variety but not enough good combinations.

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