Recap and What I Learned

I really enjoyed this challenge, and would encourage anyone to try it.  It made me appreciate my closet more, made me realize I have too many clothes, and made me think outside the box a bit.  Thanks, Kendi!

That being said, I made several mistakes in my remix challenge.  I choose several items poorly.  3 of my dresses, two pairs of shorts, one shirt, and one cardigan were worn only once.  Because of this, I feel like it was less of a remix.  I should be able to get several uses out of each item.  Three wears in a month seems about right.  Once?  Not even on the remix radar.

There are still several outfits I can make out of my choices, and I think I might go ahead and do that, but I think, overall, I kind of failed at this remix challenge.   While I might have done the same concept over and over, I don’t feel like I truly remixed.

I do think I will try again in November, when layering and pants are welcome once again in Texas.  When I do try it again, I think I might pick fewer items, go for longer, or make a rule that forces me to wear each item at least 3 times.

Did you learn anything from your remix?

Bonus Outfits (so far):



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4 responses to “Recap and What I Learned

  1. Awww I enjoyed reading what you got out of the challenge. 🙂

  2. Sydney you’re done already! I enjoyed looking at all your remix items, especially your AKA dress (drool). Remixing in the fall would be fun… I’m up for it! Have a great weekend.

  3. congrats on being all done! wish i was there (secretly!) I think you did a fab job at remixing… I don’t see any duplicates and all the outfits look great! I will say that I agree with your experience with mis-choosing some items. I feel the same way with my 30/30 experience. But now you have one under your belt and can choose better next time!

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