That is what my husband would say.  D. U. N. Done.  Don’t judge.  He is from Jersey, remember? Kidding.  I like Jersey.  FOR REALZ.  I have been going to the Jersey Shore and S Jersey for the past 7 years with my husband’s family, and I have always had a great time.  Also, for the record, I have never seen people like the characters from The Jersey Shore actually in Jersey.

These large shorts did not help me stay cool this evening.  I was hoping that buying shorts too big would help with that.  IT DOESN’T.  So, if your are in the market for clothing that will keep you cool, know that large shorts do not help.

In other news, I miss my sister taking my outfit pictures.  If you read my blog in the beginning, which you probably didn’t, you would have seen her taking my picture here, here, and here.  Ah, the days of less awkward pictures.  How I miss thee.  Obviously, it is helpful to have someone else take your pictures.  Even better when they are a professional photographer.  Boo to her getting a daytime job. 😦

I am wearing Lulu shorts, a Forever 21 top, Old Navy shoes, and  a Forever 21 necklace.

30/30 challenge– COMPLETED!  I am looking forward to my recap/what I have learned post.



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4 responses to “DUN

  1. so i clicked through after you left a comment on my last blog post and im so glad i did! 100% love your style — so on-trend but clean and never over-the-top. and i read your “about me” section and got so excited…you are livin my dream! my ultimate dream job is to be a wardrobe consultant. i would love to hear more about how it is going for you sometime!


  2. I would have thought that big shorts would be cooler but thanks for the tip! Now I know 😀

  3. yeehaw! awesome job – it’s been fun watching all the outfits.

    and those shorts are super cute even if they aren’t cooling.

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