To Belt or not to Belt

A quick post on my outfit.  I am headed out the door in another outfit (which I will post tomorrow as my 30th!! outfit!), but for now, here is what I wore during the day.

I couldn’t decide if I wanted to belt this outfit or not.  After seeing the pictures, I think I choose correctly.  Which do you think I picked?  Also, I am not sure why I looked drugged in all of these pictures.  I took about 40 and these are the best.  I think I need some tips on good picture taking!  Make-up might be a good start.  I will start there.

Oskar is out again!

Necklace from Blue Elephant.



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5 responses to “To Belt or not to Belt

  1. keiralennox

    When in doubt, belt. I sometimes have to hold myself back from belting every single outfit at the waist, because I think it’s so flattering and feminine.

  2. I love the belt with the top, but mostly I’m blown away by that ring! What an excellent piece.

  3. I vote belt. But I belt nearly everything (obviously), so maybe I’m biased?

    By the way, I love all your animal jewelry. So cute!

  4. I am an obsessive belter, but I like this look without the belt. Looks casual and comfortable.

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