Another Victim

Another victim was found today: my husband’s Lucchese cowboy boots.  Yes, my husband wears cowboy boots.  Ya’ll, we are from Texas.  And people in Texas wear cowboy boots.  Well, I am from Texas.  My husband is from New Jersey, but has been in Texas for over 10 years now.  Look, here is my husband now:

Say, “Hi, Husband!’  Fine.  That is not my husband.  This is:

Ok, fine.  That is not him either.  I think I am just super excited about The Jersey Shore coming on tonight.  Fist pump!!!  My husband is far from being “Jersey”.  When we are out together and I try to beat the beat down or fist pump on the dance floor, he wants nothing to do with me.  He doesn’t ask for “Cawfee” in the morning, nor does he flip tables and pull out weaves like The Real Housewives of New Jersey.  How boring.

Anyway, back to my story.  Our pup, the one that chewed my shoes, got a hold of my husband’s cowboy boots.  For you non-Texans, these cowboy boots are like a pair of designer shoes.  Ya’ll, they are on their way to the shoe hospital in hopes of being saved.  Cross your fingers for his shoes.  And Shah’s life.



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5 responses to “Another Victim

  1. Gotta chime in as a jersey girl here! No one in NJ is actually like the RHoNJ, not that I’ve met anyway. And the cast of Jersey Shore is actually almost all from NY. They’re so horrible! Yet fun to watch.

    • I have yet to meet anyone like that in my trips to Jersey. I have been going for the past 7 years to the Jersey Shore and to S New Jersey. I enjoy giving my husband a hard time about it. Some people believe that we ride horses to work in Texas. That is a lie. We ride ponies.

  2. Amy

    Re: the cowboy boots
    Oh noes! I’ve taken many, many shoes to the Shoe Hospital (I’m trying to talk them into giving out punchcards. You know– ten pairs of shoes, get the eleventh pair free.) I’ll keep my fingers crossed that they’ll be able to help out.

  3. oh no! the extra exercise didn’t change anything? what about training/play and games for mental exercise?

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