Day 21 and 22

I have guests this week, hence my pictures taken in my room and my lack of posting.  Secret bloggers can’t take pictures in their yard, remember?  I apologize for the pictures and the lack of posting, but life is in the way right now.  I am out enjoying Austin with my sister-in-law.  Here is what I wore on day 21 and 22.

My dog would not leave me alone during this process.  He wanted everyone to see what he was wearing too.  I am wearing a purple C & C dress from Shopbop, Forever 21 sandals, and a necklace that was a gift.  Last time I wore this dress, I wore it as a top.

I am wearing a pink top from J. Crew, silk shorts from LuLu’s, and Old Navy shoes.  I swapped out my original khaki shorts( that I had yet to wear) for these.  I bought them a size larger than normal, hoping for a  baggy look, which I think ended up being too baggy.

Again, I am sorry for the lame photos.  Being a secret blogger is hard work.  Only 8 more days!


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4 responses to “Day 21 and 22

  1. DUKE! Do you think he’ll tell everyone? 🙂

  2. Awww your doggy is adorable. And you look great too. 🙂

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