Blog Crush

I stumbled upon this blog today.  Have you read New Dress a Day yet?  The premise:  365 days. 365 items of clothing. 365 dollars.  Genius!  I am jealous of her creativity, sewing skills, and self-control to not shop.

I have spent the better part of my morning sifting through her archives.  You will probably do the same.  Just saying.

She turns this:

Day 78 - Before

Into this:

Day 78 - After




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7 responses to “Blog Crush

  1. Much better! Great job!

  2. wow she’s great and has such skillz! I’m single-handedly putting my alterations lady’s kids through college.

  3. love her – been following her since the beginning and we are buds. she may be in town for ACL so you’ll have to meet up with us so you can confess your crush in person.

  4. I recently discovered her too and check it every day to see what she has made. She’s inspired me to start sewing again!

  5. I’ve been following her for a couple of weeks and love it! I am inspired by her creativity and jealous of all the great ‘raw material’ she finds in thrift stores!

  6. amy

    What a great link. Thanks, Cydney!

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