Today was a casual day, hence my casual outfit.  I had a brief client meeting and then met with a friend in the afternoon.

Do you ever reread books?  I have reread several books, but none more than To Kill a Mockingbird ( I have read it 6 or 7 times). I adore that novel and learn something new from it every time I read it.  Currently, I am listening to I read Incredibly Loud and Extremely Close. I read it several years ago and now I am listening to it on CD.

Confession:  I don’t listen to music in the car; I only listen to audio books.  It also helps to calm me during traffic.  Do you reread books or listen to audio books?

I am wearing a skirt from the Gap, and H&M tee, Forever 21 sandals, and two necklaces that I wore the other day (one from Forever 21 and one from J. Crew).


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  1. I’m psychotic. I hate re-reading or re-watching anything. I don’t know why… there’s very seldom something that I consider worth revisiting. I have a short “I’m interested!” span.

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