Pumpkin Eater

Cheater, cheater pumpkin eater.  That is what I am today.  A big FAT cheater.  But I am not a liar.  Does that help?   Hope so.  So I am almost 2/3 done with my 30/30 challenge and I had still not worn 5 items.  And I had no desire to wear said items.  I think I am going to get rid of these items.  I do not like these items.  So, since I have not worn them, I am going to pretend that I can just go ahead and switch them out for new items.  Cool?  Hope so.

I have switched out the grey skirt for this raspberry skirt, and the purpleish shirt that makes me look like I am pregnant to this stripe one that just makes me look wide.  Fair trade, right?

I wore this to meet with a client, have lunch with a friend, and then to run errands.

I am wearing a raspberry skirt from GAP (standing in for the grey J. Crew skirt that I have decided I hated) , a striped tee from Zara that helps me to not look pregnant, a Forever 21 necklace, and Forever 21 sandals.

Is it funny that I feel bad about this?  I am using a loophole to get out of this one.  If they haven’t been worn, they don’t exist yet.  It is like when you buy ice cream at the store.  The calories don’t count until you actually eat the ice cream.  So, when you buy the ice cream, technically your diet isn’t ruined.  Can we use the same logic here?  Thank you.



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6 responses to “Pumpkin Eater

  1. aj

    I have been considering doing that myself… but decided against it. I really love that raspberry skirt though!

  2. Hmm..that’s a nice way to think about it. I think your logic is great and I completely agree!

  3. super cute! your grey skirt you got rid of wouldn’t happen to be a jcrew belle would it?

  4. I have that same skirt but in a dark gray. It’s the perfect skirt! I got it a little large though so it might need some taking in.

    • It fits me weird….I want to love the skirt, but it doesn’t work for me. I love the color and my girlfriend has the same skirt. It looks great on her…not so much me.

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