Traveling Man

I am off on a trip to visit my husband’s family this weekend.  Packing was quite a bit easier this trip around.  Since I am limited to only 30 items,  packing was a piece of cake!

I won’t be posting my outfits until  Sunday evening (probably) because I don’t think I will be blogging on my trip.  Not because I won’t have time, but because my in-laws don’t know I blog.  Actually, the majority of my friends don’t know I blog.  If you blog, do your friends and family know you blog?  How do you even bring that up?  I imagine it going like this:

Me: Soooo, I have been blogging lately

Friends/Family:  Oh, really?  What is about?

Me:  Weeeeeeeeeelllllllllll, I post my daily outfits…..and I talk about what people can do with their own wardrobe.  And sometimes I talk about my clients.

Friends/Family: *crickets*

It is a strange concept, no?  I am not sure how to tell them, so I don’t .  I am a secret blogger, except my secret is splashed all over the very public internet.  My husband knows I blog, but he has pinky promised to not tell.  And he would never break such a secret pact.  My sisters know I blog, so does my mom, and two friends.  So I guess I am not a secret blogger, but definitely one who is under the radar.  Are you a secret blogger?

OK, here is what I am wearing.  YES, I took these pictures yesterday, but yes this is what I am wearing.

Old Navy pants, Old Navy shoes, Forever 21 top, J. Crew necklace.

Oh, I have a giveaway post set up for tomorrow.  Get ready!


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5 responses to “Traveling Man

  1. That looks like such a comfy tee! Have a great weekend visiting the in-laws!

  2. i agree – love the tee – need me one of those.

    and understand about staying under the radar – i do it too. some folks just don’t understand blogging.

  3. NOBODY knows I blog except my husband. And I really want it to stay that way. I’m thinking about covering up or cropping out my face just to protect my anonymity. I just feel like it’s kind of distracting if I have to do that. “What the heck happened to that girl’s face?” *le sigh*

  4. I too am a secret blogger, though I only just started doing it very recently. NO ONE knows I do it (sounds so shameful putting it that way!), not even my boyfriend. For me, it’s a private thing that I don’t want to share with my every-day-real-world people. Maybe that will change one day, but I doubt it. 🙂

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