Meet Pearl

Meet Pearl.  Pearl is petite (even though she is in denial).  Pearl is fabulous.  Pearl is an ace marketer (even though I am not sure exactly what she does) and in acupuncture school. Pearl is my friend.  Pearl needed closet help.  I came to the rescue!

We went through her closet, removed clothes that don’t belong anymore, and mad a few new outfits.   I forgot my memory card at home, so we were relying on phone pictures and only managed to get one new outfit picure.  Sad!  BUT, it was a cute outfit.  Pearl only wore this skirt with a black or white shirt.  Pairing a black and white skirt with a colored shirt is a great idea.  You can pair it with jeweled toned shirts or pastels.  Yellow, blues, and purples are probably some of my favorite pairs, but you can also pair orange, reds, and greys quite easily.

We made several more outfits and talked about what looks best on Pearl’s body.  Pearl is petite (and tiny!) and doesn’t really have hips, so we want to give her a waist and make her look like she has an hourglass figure.  By belting this top that was not really fitted, we get to show off her waist and give the illusion of more curves.

This belt was the one I was wearing yesterday.  How can it fit me AND Pearl.  Remember how Pearl is tiny?  Well, these belts from The Limited are genius!  They have an adjustable back so you can make them as small as you wish.  You can buy it in a size to fit your hips and adjust it to fit your waist too.  How wonderful!  They are almost sold out online, but I picked up 4 or 5 of them the other day at The Limited for about 6 dollars each.  I highly recommend them.

Pearl and I will be going shopping and I will be back with her buys.

I have decided to talk a bit more about about my clients and show what I do with them on the blog.  I do not deal with one type of client.  My clients range from 25 to 65.  They also differ in body types and budgets.  That is what I love about fashion and style.  You don’t need to have a certain body type or a certain budget to look good.



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2 responses to “Meet Pearl

  1. That’s a great idea for a belt! I haven’t seen them but I’ll check them out. Pearl’s skirt is pretty and she can remix it with many things.

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