Eight is Great

Yay, I can rhyme!  So I am a little frustrated with my outfit today.  I want to be wearing black wedges instead of these silly flats.  Why in the world did I choose to include 3 pairs of flats into my 30/30 challenge?  I rarely wear flats!?!!  I am kicking myself right now wishing I had thought this out a bit more…..  Live and learn, right?  I want my motto to be “Cheaters always win” and wear the black wedges, but I am committed to the 30/30 challenge, so the flats stay on.  It has actually given me a new appreciation for my closet.

Today is a day full of errands and lunch with a friend.  I also think I have given up on doing my hair.  It takes 5-7 minutes to dry my hair and I have decided that that is too much time.  TOO much!  Doing my hair bores me to tears.  Does anyone else feel this way?  I am aware this up look is not the best, but I just can’t bring myself to style it in the summer.

I am wearing a J. Crew skirt, a CC California dress (worn as a shirt) from Shopbop, a J. Crew necklace, and stupid sandals from Forever 21.

Wearing a dress as a shirt is a great way to make the most out of your closet.  Granted, this won’t work on certain types of dresses, but if you have a plain jersey dress, give it a try!



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5 responses to “Eight is Great

  1. Ty

    YES!!! I AM SO WITH YOU!! (On the anti-doing-your-hair-agenda.) I used to always blow dry and attempt to straighten my hair. It took 45 minutes and the results were less than satisfactory even after all that time spent. One day I cried to my husband I was going to shave my head. He said that was unacceptable. So instead I let it air dry. It does this wavy on one side, stick straight on the other side thing. Well after 10 minutes with my curling iron it looks pretty decent. So these days that’s how I roll. Flow with the naturalness and be happy that it only takes 10 minutes as opposed to close to an hour!

  2. 45 minutes!?!??! I would want to shave my head too! I can’t even handle the 5-10 mine takes.

  3. Ady

    I hear you on shoes! I only picked two pairs of shoes for the whole challenge. I keep looking at my shoes and feeling tempted to cheat!

  4. Ah, if you think 5-7 minutes is too much for hair, then you definitely wouldn’t want mine. It’s long, super thick, and curly. It takes hours just for my hair to dry! And about 7 minutes to untangle the whole mess after taking a shower.

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