Let’s Get It On

Let’s get the remixing on!  While I haven’t worn all of my pieces (obviously) I decided to re-wear my gold skirt because I love it.  I wore it out with a client last week, but I have a meeting with different client today, and since she hasn’t seen it, it is like it is new again!  You all saw this skirt mere days ago, yes, but you all just live in the internet and are not real because you are tiny particles floating through space. Or something.  Not sure how all of this works.  What I DO know is that this means is I get to wear a skirt that I wore on Saturday again today.  Hooray!

I tried to take pictures of my outfit outside, but I got one picture in before the rain started pouring again.  So, I moved inside for pics.  A new location! How exciting!

I am wearing my Banana Republic skirt, a J Crew top, a belt from The Limited, Seychelles shoes, and Rachel Leigh earrings.


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5 responses to “Let’s Get It On

  1. Liz

    Love the ruffles and earrings are so luxe-looking!

  2. ahhh, i want those shoes!

  3. Great look, love that skirt and the blouse really. I am joining the challenge this weekend so thought I would come say hi!
    Daisy Dayz Home

  4. S

    great outfit! I am sorely tempted by those Seychelles heels…

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