Virtual Shopping

Since Kendi laid down the law and declared no shopping during the 30/30, I am virtual shopping.  This is why I don’t diet well.  What I can’t have, I want.  Any other 30/30 ladies jonesing for shopping already?

I found myself on Shopbop this morning (like I do every day) and stumbled upon this beauty:

Oh all things drapey and heavenly!  I love drapey shirts!  This is going on my fall wardrobe list.


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4 responses to “Virtual Shopping

  1. Ady

    I actually tried to order yesterday, and by some fluke, my internet connection went out just in time. 🙂

    It is harder than I thought to not buy stuff!

  2. Ty

    Well she said no shopping for CLOTHING… and during her last 30 for 30 she got a new hat. <..> So I’m not really banning the buying of accessories.

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