Day Five

Today I have a couple of items to do: meet with a client (a tutoring client) briefly and then sit in an auto repair shop.  Bleh.  Because of these two items, I needed an outfit that was casual, yet semi-pulled together.  I have worn this linen skirt for a full 5 minutes and it is already wrinkled.  Don’t you just love that about linen?  I even ironed it- and I NEVER iron.  Too much work.

Also, you can see that my love affair with my statement necklace continues.  The other necklaces are getting jealous.  This is a cycle of mine.  Buy loads of one type of jewelry (6  months ago it was long charmy type pieces) and then retire them to my ever-growing jewelry box after I am bored with them.  Right now I am faithful to all of my bib/statement necklaces and have been neglecting the others.  Sorry, guys.  Your time will come again.  I am sure I will bore of these larger necklaces and vow only to wear simple necklaces.  Maybe I will even decide to go sans jewelry for a while… not likely.

I am wearing a Forever 21 shirt that is haphazardly tucked into a Banana Republic skirt, Old Navy wedges, and a Forever 21 necklace.  I am also aware of how unhappy I look. I am a happy person!  I find it strange to smile crazily at the camera when there is no one behind it.  Anyone else feel the same way?


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4 responses to “Day Five

  1. Ady

    I like the statement necklace a lot!

  2. Val

    I’m doing the 30 for 30 Challenge too and I too am already online window shopping. It’s horrible. I’ll be impressed if I can make it through the first week!

    I love your necklace and those Old Navy wedges are too good!

    – Val from The Sweet Roads

  3. I am really loving how you are mixing these staples to make unique outfits.

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