Pink Lady

I didn’t take an outfit picture yesterday because I spent the majority of my day in my bathing suit enjoying Bull Creek.  One of the many wonderful things about Austin is all of the lakes/springs/creeks around town.  Yesterday, I spent the larger part of the day at Bull Creek.  It is gorgeous!

I spent the majority of today inside enjoying a day off, but when I did finally venture out, I wore this outfit. I figured if I got dressed up, it would help motivate me to leave the house instead of hang around inside all day.  Mission accomplished!  For about 2 hours. Then I was right back inside enjoying my day off!    If I had a real job that required me to go into an office and not work the streets like I currently do, I would probably wear this there.

I am wearing a pink strapless dress from Shopbop, a limited cardigan, Banana Republic wedges, and a brooch that I made from a hair accessory.

When it is  hot outside, I like to keep my outfits simple.  This fit the bill perfectly.



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5 responses to “Pink Lady

  1. Kayla

    Love the dress with the cardigan. Those kind of outfits make me feel girly and pretty instantly!

    Ramblings of a Small Town Girl

  2. Ady

    Cute rosette!
    I spent most of yesterday in a swimsuit too. Vacation is nice!

  3. I love the neutral ensemble.

  4. I think I have that exact same cardigan!

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