Rainy Days

Today was quite rainy.  I would like to head outside and take better pictures, but it is too wet.  My sister has lent me her fancy camera for a couple of days!  Hooray!

Today I had a shopping excursion with a client, and ended up getting soaked because I didn’t bring an umbrella.  We had a good trip, despite the weather, and she got several items.

I haven’t worn this dress in almost a year, and I am glad I added it to my 30/30 challenge.  I think I needed to remember that I liked it.

So the quality of my photos are better, but my faces are not.  Hmmm.  I will keep trying!

I love this belt even though it is too big for me.  I couldn’t make it stay down or tuck it in, so it stuck out a bit.  I am thinking about chopping part of it off.

I have also decided not to blow dry my hair during the summer because it is too hot.  Obviously I need to do something about the back part.  Maybe that is how people are able to tolerate mullets.  What they can’t see, can’t hurt them.

I am wearing a dress from Neimans (can’t remember the brand and too lazy to take it off and look.  I have reached a new low), a thrifted belt, Old Navy shoes, a Kendra Scott ring, and Forever 21 earrings.

I have had this toe ring since I was a freshman in college.  I can’t seem to part with it even though my husband thinks it is gross.  Do you have something from college that you can’t part with?


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