I am taking the plunge and joining Kendi in her 30/30 challenge.  Since I don’t have an office to go to, which I think makes it a bit easier to remix items, I picked several items that I don’t wear all that much in hopes to get some use from them. I also am challenging myself by picking some non-neutral choices (like a bright yellow cardigan).  Like Kendi, I am not including accessories. I  truly think that accessories make the look and can transform anything!  I even dedicated a special place in my closet for these items so I would not be tempted to roam through the rest of my wardrobe.  So, what did I pick?

7 dresses

Pink strapless dress from Shopbop , black  Rachel Pally sack dress, Nude AKA dress,  purple jersey dress from Shopbop, navy  Anthropologie dress, white dress from Sears, and a sleeveless black dress from Neiman Marcus.  I haven’t worn the sleeveless dress from Neimans or the white dress from Sears in over a year, so I am hoping I will love them again, or out they go!  The strapless dress and nude dress are new, and I am thinking adding them will prevent me from being bored.

4 skirts

A black J Crew skirt, gold Banana Republic skirt, grey J Crew skirt, and a brown linen Banana Republic mini.

3 pairs of shorts

A navy pair from Old Navy, khaki shorts from Banana Republic, and a black Old Navy pair.

2 cardigans

A neon yellow from Old Navy, and a short-sleeved cream cardigan from Banana Republic.

6 tops

Satin blue top from Forever 21, a black H&M t-shirt, pink silk J Crew top, white Forever 21 t-shirt, grey Old Navy top, and a white  J Crew sleeveless top with a large flower on it.

7 pairs of shoes

Yellow Old Navy wedges, grey Banana Republic wedges, nude Seychelles heels, canvas Old Navy wedges, nude sandals from Forever 21, gold Newport News sandals, black Forever 21 sandals.

I am still short one item…..I am leaving myself one item as a bonus pick for when I am feeling bored.  Is this considered cheating? Hope not.   I am calling it resourceful!

So, here goes nothing!


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8 responses to “30/30

  1. YAY! You will rock it. You picked out some really great things. And I can’t wait to see what you do with those darling little yellow shoes 🙂

  2. Ty

    Oh sweet! I’m glad I found someone else doing this. I COMPLETELY agree about the accessories and am very happy they aren’t included.

    Haha also I think it’s perfectly okay to allow space for one bonus on-the-whimsy item. 🙂

  3. I’m so glad that you’re joining in the challenge! I love the pieces that you chose, and I’m looking forward to seeing how you remix them. I’m doing a similar version of the challenge, and you can find me over at http://www.aprettypennyblog.com. Good luck! 🙂

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