More Jewelry

Remember how I said I can’t get enough jewelry?  So, I am back with another jewelry post.  I got my J.Crew catalog in the mail yesterday and fell in love with this beauty:

Pearl cluster bib necklace

Gorgeous!  But, the 150 dollar price is not as beautiful.  Enter Forever 21:

I am not going to pretend like this necklace is as wonderful as the J.Crew one.  It is not.  Not even close.  BUT, at for less than 7 dollars, I can get my necklace fix.  While I am at it, I might pick up this guy too:

So, obviously I am craving these.  Would you splurge or save?



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2 responses to “More Jewelry

  1. I am always mesmerized by Jcrew jewelry but not the prices! It’s hard to stomach paying those prices for costume jewelry–and they always have sales so hopefully it’ll get marked down! Get the sale for now or even better, look for vintage!

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