Another Travel Outfit

I am traveling again; this time to South Padre and South Texas.  I am visiting my family.  Hooray!  I will be posting this week, but they will probably all be beachy, casual looks.  Here is what I wore on the plane:

I am wearing my standard plane outfit: jeans, flowy top (that is actually my swimsuit cover-up!), the bulkiest pair of shoes I am bringing, and jewelry.  I was comfortable on the plane, but a little hot when we landed in 99 degree weather.  I made it home and changed (but forgot to take pictures), before we went to dinner and devoured this:

I am totally addicted to Mexican food. I could eat it every day.  Thankfully for my waistline, I don’t.  South Texas has fabulous Mexican food.  The best.  Last night I ate guacamole, and queso fundido.  For those not familiar with queso fundido, it is a thicker queso that comes either on fire or with a coal underneath it to keep it hot, has mushrooms, onions, jalapeno (or if you are not a vegetarian meat) and you must eat it with tortillas.  It is my favorite.  I devoured that and washed it down with a margarita.  Delicious. 

AND, look how big my puppy has gotten.  He is about 6 months now and is growing more and more every day! 


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  1. puppy!! if you ever need a petsitter…you know who to call!

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