The White T-Shirt

White T-Shirt

We all have a white t-shirt, or if you are like me, you have 20.  Today I am going to talk about different looks for your white t-shirt and jeans.  It is such a simple look that is begging to be dressed up.

Pair your white t-shirt with a colorful cardigan, belt it with a contrasting color belt, and add a pair of heels.  Viola!  You are looking good for a casual Friday at work, or running errands on the weekend.

A statement necklace is a great way to dress up a white t-shirt.  I do this all the time.  I actually call it my uniform.  Here I am wearing skinny jeans, a statement necklace, a white t-shirt and gray heels. It is a simple outfit, but an easy one.  You can also wear this look with flats if you are not a heels person.

Why not pair your white t-shirt with a blazer and heels?  You can wear this on casual Friday, or if you work in a more creative environment, every day!  Add some fun and funky jewelry to make it your own.

I love pearls.  Not your mom’s pearls, but loads and loads of strands together.  I especially love pearls and chains together; it makes the pearls seem less lady-like.   Paired with black heels, and you are ready for cocktails.

Utilize that white t-shirt in your closet!  You can also easily pair your white t-shirt with a pencil skirt or fancy skirt to make it more daytime appropriate.  Rock that t-shirt!


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2 responses to “The White T-Shirt

  1. I am sooo in love with white t shirts this gave perfect exmaple on how to take this look to the high’s 🙂
    Do enter the contest I am conducting now on my blog.

  2. I will do that as soon as I get back into town!

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